The European Diabetes Epidemiology Group (EDEG)

The primary goals of the EDEG are to lead and facilitate epidemiological research in diabetes, it's risk factors and complications and to act as a forum for collaboration, discussion and dissemination of expertise and knowledge. You can find a bit more information in our constitution.

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Annual meetings are held in the spring each year and include plenary sessions, oral presentations and poster sessions. During these scientific activities diabetes researchers actively participate and engage in constructive exchange of scientific and epidemiological expertise. There are also opportunities to network and explore potential collaborations. Moreover, there is time to relax and talk informally during the collective lunch dinner or one of the social acivities.

Steering Committee

Konstantinos Makrilakis, Chair – Athens, Greece

Marit Eika Jørgensen, Vice Chair – Copenhagen, Denmark

Adam Hulman, Secretary – Aarhus, Denmark

Femke Rutters, Treasurer – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Olov Rolandsson, Member – Umeå, Sweden

Rosaria Gesuita, Member – Ancona, Italy

Valentino Cherubini, Member – Ancona, Italy